Food & Beverage

Guide To Food & Beverage Software.

Consumers today are more educated than ever, and that knowledge makes them far more demanding about what they purchase. They’re paying closer attention to labels, showing a growing preference for fresher products, and seeking information about the origin of those products. According to Deloitte, “Empowered by the democratization of information, and the influence and reach of new media, many consumers are taking control of the conversation about food and beverages.
In addition to this added consumer pressure, food & beverage manufacturers are also under increasing regulatory constraints. A BMI Research study states, “Governments are adopting increasingly stringent food labeling laws, broadening their scope from nutritional content to country-of-origin or animal welfare considerations, which will be a key issue for the agribusiness and food and drink sectors.

Top concerns for food & beverage manufacturers:

  • Changing consumer demands;
  • Food safety and regulations;
  • Speed to market;
  • Expanding competitive landscape;
  • Margin Pressures.

To help food & beverage manufacturers choose the right solutions in this rapidly changing industry landscape, this guide will explore four key technologies that are essential to any successful manufacturing operation.

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