Food & Beverage

Always Be Prepared For The Next Day's Shipment.

Dairies like yours differ greatly from each other in many ways. You may produce a variety of products specific to the tastes and preferences of your region. The sizes and volumes of many of the products you process may depend on seasonal changes in your area or your individual production capabilities. Even your operational processes may make you unique. 

With Infor Food & Beverage For The Dairy Industry, You Can:

  • Meet your customer demands, while minimizing shelf life issues with push-pull planning;
  • Modify your formulas to use raw materials most effectively with recipe and formula optimization;
  • Know the true cost of each product and adjust accordingly based on post process market-based cost allocation;
  • Quickly and accurately trace suspect product using lot and sub-lot traceability and recall capabilities;
  • Quickly adjust scheduling based on available raw materials to improve order fill rates and decrease waste by using daily and hourly forecasting and planning.

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