Food & Beverage

Agile Sensing And Responding In Food And Beverage.

The food and beverage industry is undergoing fundamental changes in how consumers buy and what they want to know about the products they buy. At the same time, the industry faces an increased focus on health by consumers, companies, and governments; and a rapidly changing competitive environment with a proliferation of new channels, producers, and products that compete with establishes brands and outlets.

Historically, the food and beverage industry had been focused on shelf life ad inventory challenges. In addition to these challenges, today's companies are faced with unprecedented changes that stress innovation, business model evolution, and supply chain agility.

Having the right products with the right content and characteristics, and the right information clearly displayed is necessary but it's not enough to guarantee success.  The products must also be positioned in the right places at the right time for consumers to be able to buy-and that's the job of the supply chain.

To keep up with rapidly changing demand, an effective Food & Beverage supply chain must be fully in sync with the consumer through technology-enabled sensing to satisfy multiple channels with seamless visibility and fulfillment.

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