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How Infor Food & Beverage Can Help You Prepare For FSMA.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that food and beverage companies take a more proactive approach to food safety. This is a shift from the more reactive approach that food and beverage companies have historically followed. Now, with FSMA in place, companies are required to identify risks, create procedures for mitigating those hazards, and execute against those procedures to ensure all threats to the safety of the food supply chain are contained, as welll as demonstrate that their programs are valid and that they are continually being improved upon. As challenging as this may seem, what many don't realize is that the software systems they already use, such as Infor - Food & Beverage, can already handle this shift and provide a solid foundation to complete their FSMA compliance plan.

This paper details some of the more challenging aspects of FSMA and discusses how Infor Food & Beverage can help food and beverage companies address these challenges.

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